ES Appraisal/Evaluation Solutions - Do they owe you money? We want to Know!

Running Total
$9,349,612.97 (per Bankruptcy Records)


Click the link above to read an update on the Case. There are also TWO forms that we ALL need to fill out.  The links for those are : Complaint Form  & Petition Form


The link below is so you can view the current case.  I will update the site with updates as I get them.


The Fundraiser was a success, after trying to raise $5,000 to pay for the legal fees, we have raised $8,775 as of 5/23.  I would like to personally thank David Biggers (owner of a la mode), he contributed $5,000 to cover the fees so that none of the apprasiers would have too.  This was very generous and thoughtful! Also, to Working RE Magazine on spreading the word!

After the funds clear (2-5 days), I will refund the other donations to each of the individuals that donated.

With our contributions we were able to file an objection to the bar order and begin with the class action suits.   Once I get the green light for the case, I will contact everyone and let them know the details.

Thanks again!


New article regarding our current situation from Working RE Magazine :


Here is the next step for everyone!

If you were affected by the bankruptcy of ES Appraisal solutions then this is a must for you.

JP Morgan Chase is filing a request for entry of Bar order with the Florida Courts.

What this means is that JP Morgan Chase is trying to settle for $2,316,000. They then would not be liable for any other lawsuits or claims against them in the future regarding any Appraisals/BPO's completed. Which means we will NEVER see a dime from the money owed to us.

The deadline to file this objection of the bar is May 24th, Which means we have about a week to raise $5,000.

The money will go towards the lawyer fees to file the objection. If the goal is not reached, then all the money will be refunded back to each individual that donated.

The lawyer will also start the class action lawsuit at the same time with the lawyer fee is on contingency of the amount collect.

if you want to join this class action lawsuit please prepare the following first:

Some proof to show that you were really working for eval. It can be written contract, email trail of orders from eval.

Second, you need to really figure out how much do they owe you. You need to come up with detail order with order number and amount owe. This can be done by going through your emails. Or if you have taking a screen shot from eval website that is even better.

If we work together as one, we can make a difference!

You can contact me through email at if you have any questions or comments.  You can also post on message board.

I will continue to update the site when I hear of anything.


I spoke with Brian Reese who informed me that Chase will not make a decision until the bankruptcy case is complete.  I contacted the bankruptcy attorney and they informed me that it typically takes 12-18 months for a bankruptcy case to be settled.  There are thousands of creditors and I highly doubt that any of us appraisers will receive money from that.  I personally feel that Chase is responsible for paying us and our only way to obtain any funds.  Chase is the Lender on Every order.  We need to get together and come up with a solutions.  Does anyone know of a Lawyer that will take this case? If so, give me his contact and I can contact everyone who was on this site.  Waiting two years for money for work we have completed is outrageous.  Chase has more than enough money to pay off this debt, this has happened in the past and other banks have stepped up to the plate to pay.  Chase needs to do the right thing here. 

Thank you!


I have received 3 more letters from Chase basically saying they need more time and all questions should be directed to Brian Reese (972-444-3242).  It is still in the legal department so we are waiting for a decision from them, I urge you to stay on top of Chase so that they do know we will not quit until we are paid.  You can also email or call 1888-909-0100 to get on the Creditor's list for ES..  Not sure how much that will help, but it may be worth a shot.  I will update you of anything new I hear in the future, hopefully something soon!


After almost two months of trying to get in touch with my contact at Chase that was provided on the letter, I finally have.  She informed me that the case is in the legal department and the only person that can help me is Brian Reese, his contact number is 972-444-3242.  I left him a few messages with no call back as of yet, so we will see if he gets back to me with some sort of update.  I noticed some posts on the message board about contacting some news outlets, anyone have any contacts we can use to get our story out there?  If so, send them over and I will contact them personally.


I received a letter on 01/31/2013 stating that Chase is still looking into my situation and will have an answer by 2/15/2013.  I have called 3 more times and still NO answer from the executive specialist dedicated to my issue Christal Parker x 3200113.  Below is a paragraph from a letter I received from a lawyer that claims Chase is not taking responsibility.  Chase is the Lender/Client on every order, they are liable and I need to find someone who can prove this.  Any lawyers out there??

"We have spoken with Chase Bank, f/k/a Washington Mutual,relative to the above - captioned matters, and Chase Bank vigorously denies liability for these claims.In addition, Chase Bank claims a contract with Evaluation Solutions, LLC d/b/a eValuation Solutions or ES Appraisal Services, LLC.  These entities have filed relief under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code in Jacksonville, Florida, Case No: 13-bk-00466-jaf.  The attorney for the Chapter 7 Trustee for Evaluation Solutions, LLC asserts that funds owed by Chase bank are owed to the referenced debtors and thus are property of Evaluation Solutions, LLC's estate.  Any action against Chase Bank directly would likely require a bankruptcy court order granting the clients relief from the bankruptcy stay.


- I received my third letter from Chase on 1/22/13 stating the same thing "They expect to have an answer or update for me by 2/2/13.  Of course the contact they assigned has still not answered one of my phone calls or returned one in over a month (Christal Parker x 3200113).  I had to call and hunt down another person to look into this case.  This is what I was informed : "This has been escalated to the Vice President level as of 02/02/2013"  So it seems like it is working it's way up the ladder, slowly!...  I hope to hear something within the next week!


- It has come to my attention that the total amount owed is $9,349,612.97, this is from the bankruptcy documents.  It also states that ES gross income(prior to payments to subcontractors and expenses) for 2012 is $24,046,294.  These numbers are HUGE!  Look at the links page for the full article under "Appraisal Law Blog."  Based on this info, it looks like no one will be getting paid from ES and our only hope would be that Chase steps up and does whats right. 


- Received a call from Brian Reese at Chase, he stated that now that ES has filed bankruptcy officially (see link page) they are able to proceed and "figure out" exactly what can be done.  He assured me they are looking into this situation and will let me know of any updates.  He said he does not have a time frame though, so all we can do now is wait some more.


- I spoke with Lydia Dickerson in the Chase Executive office, she was extremely helpful.  First person at Chase that actually talked to me and helped me with my situation.  She informed me to send a bill for all the outstanding invoices directly to her Fax line.  I hope that this will help in getting paid.  The fax number she provided me was 318-300-3295.  Making progress!

1/22/2013 -

I called again the number provided to me by Chase 888-310-7995.  I have been calling everyday for a month, If I was lucky enough to get an answer they would usually take down my info and say they would have someone call me back, I have yet to receive one call from Chase in a month.  Today, I finally demanded an answer as to what is going on with this situation, what I was told after 45 minutes on phone: " Due to it being such a large case, it is being handled by our legal department and I should be contacted within 48 hours with an update".  I asked for a phone number to the legal department and of course there is no number on file, I guess they are not that technologically advanced.  I guess I will have to wait until they contact me the old fashion way, through the postal service.  I will update everyone if I hear anything....

1/18/2013 -

I filed a complaint with the OCC about a month ago, Chase told me they needed until the 10th, then the 23rd of Jan.  Today, I received a letter from them basically saying that they are not responsible because they had a contract with Eval and not with "Individual Service Providers." They also said for me to call with any questions, I have called every day for the past two weeks with not one call back.  I uploaded the document to the "LINKS" page for everyone to view.  Where do we go from here if the OCC didn't help?

1/15/2013 -
Since starting this site on 12/22/2012, I am amazed at the amount of responses and hits that this site has accumulated just based on word of mouth and posting it in a few forums.  I hope that this site I created will help all of the appraisers/agents in this industry including myself receive payment for all the work they have done.  Also, my goal is to not let this happen again, if anyone has any ideas, comments, or suggestions on expanding this site or ways to make our industry better, please contact me directly. 

Have you been affected by ES Appraisal Services or Equity Solutions like I have?

If so, we want to know about it!

I created this site to see how many appraisers/agents have been affected by this company.  I encourage you to write about your experiences and how much money they owe you.  I will have a link on the left for different categories:

-Message Board
- Here you can post any information you may have about the company or your experiences.

- How much $: Please post how much money they owe you and I will keep a running tab.  Simply enter - Name, Location, Service, Amount

-Links -Here I will post any links that may be helpful in figuring out the truth behind this company as well as any helpful information to help you obtain your money.

- Facts This page will provide information on the facts and unanswered questions that are obtained regarding ES Appraisal Services/Evaluation solutions.

Please spread the word to anyone else you know who has been affected by this company This site will help us to obtain what is owed to us and possible put a stop to companies like these.

I encourage you to post this site in forums and email it to friends affected.

Thank you!

Together we can make a difference in this industry so nothing like this happens again.

Contact me at for any questions or comments.

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